Two moments at work

At an editorial meeting on Monday, our director mentioned that NAM had organized a news briefing with Nancy Pelosi about her recent trip to China. A lot of the NAM staff would be going to the briefing that afternoon. (By the way, the briefing was apparently very boring. Pelosi talked mainly about China’s progress toward clean energy, as expected, although also compared the situation in Iran to Tienanmen Square, 1989.) After the editorial meeting, another intern, who, like I, is going to be a junior in college, and who had been at that meeting, asked me if I’d heard about how everyone was going hear “that girl talk.” I said no. She said, “Yeah, I guess everyone’s going to be leaving the office to hear her – Nancy…Pelushi or something.”

Being the first female Speaker of the House isn’t really enough to get you famous.

In China: Nancy...whats that girls name

In China: Nancy...what's that girl's name?

I have an assignment to survey parents of high-schoolers about the proposed suspension of the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). It’s not an ideal time to do this, since school just got out, so most parent associations are also on break. But after hours of conversations with answering machines, I managed to get ahold someone at the Sacramento headquarters of the California PTA. The very friendly communications manager was able to give me some contacts but told me that she had “kind of a retarded question: who exactly is New America Media?” I enjoyed hearing the word “retarded” coming from the communications manager of the PTA.

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3 Comments on “Two moments at work”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    Justine!! I’m so happy I can better stalk you this summer from afar via your blog. I actually just did a piece on the suspension of exit exams (just a six-minute interview with a local superintendent), and had actually been in contact with the CAPTA about it — and based on that “retarded” quote, it sounds like we probably talked to the same press relations woman….The Ms. Alison apRoberts I spoke with was less formal than I’d expected she’d be, and feisty, to boot (she chided me for being an English and French major, then admitted that she herself had been one). Anyways where can I read your piece when it comes out?

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