My sex statistics

There are some things I’ve always wanted to try: outdoor rock-climbing – as opposed to the kind on the plastic walls above the mats, hang-gliding, skinny-dipping, chocolate covered crickets…


An internet search experiment. But I set up the beginning of this post – the part that would be quoted on the WordPress page where it displays all entries for a given tag – to fool the people who get to my page by searching for the tag “sex.”

As promised, the results of my WordPress search experiment:

Total page views of “Dirt makes everything more interesting” by people who searched the tag “sex”: 7

Total page views of “SF gay pride parade” by people who searched the tag “sex”: 5

Total page views of anything from by people who searched any other tag (still): 0. This includes tags like “news,” “writing,” and “books” – not exactly obscure topics with limited appeal.

However, all views of “Dirt makes everything more interesting” came from people who found it on the first page of the posts WordPress listed under the tag “sex” (the newest posts). “SF gay pride parade” had a more persisting appeal, with 3 views coming from page 1 of “sex” search results and 2 views coming from page 5. This gap (no views from “sex” pages 2-4) suggests to me that the time of day I published each post might have made a difference – this could also help explain the already probably insignificant differences in number of views between the two posts.

The real conclusion is that certain WordPress users are sex-obsessed. For those of you who yet again came to this blog because I tagged this post with “sex” – gotcha again, suckersss! Your views will become stats in my next post 🙂

A separate intriguing stat: 2 people have come to my blog from a Google search. For 1 of these, the term searched was “why dirt is so interesting.” Either this was someone who had already visited my blog and was trying to find it again – maybe an arrogant guess – or this is very interesting.

This is enjoyable in a way similar to looking at the searches Google suggests when you start to type in something. Just now, for example, I typed in “what do ” (with a space after do – no space yields different results) and got:

What do dreams mean? (A very good question!)

What do contractions feel like? (Important to know – or so I realized once I read it from a non-grammatical point of view.)

What do names mean? (Well, different things….)

What do my dreams mean? (I don’t know, Google, but I’m sure they’re interesting. Unless they’re bleak and technological.)

What do turtles eat?

What do ladybugs eat?

What do dolphins eat?

What do your dreams mean? (Mine?)

What do deer eat?

What do frogs eat? (Really??)

Another time I did “what do,” I got “What do Mormons believe?” among other things.

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One Comment on “My sex statistics”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    Is that photo what Mormons believe? I’d always kind of suspected.

    Another possibly interesting stat for you: under “Possibly related posts (automatically generated)” were three other wordpress pages — two were posts with lists of statistics and such, which I’m guessing accounts for their relevance to your post, but the last one was “Glen Beck gets a spanking on The View” and seemed to have no structural similarities to your post. Although I guess “spanking” isn’t too far afield. Sew….buttons.

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