Second NAM story

Here’s my second full story. They had a lot fewer edits for this one, and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out, except for an extra, unnecessary “Perez said” – which has now been fixed. Here’s to having the intern-guts to point out even small problems!

Now I’m working on two health-related stories. For one, I’m interviewing  a family involved in long-term care of an elderly family member. My interview will be part of a policy piece on the place (or lack thereof :() of long term care in state and national health care plans. Apparently, 27% of national Medicaid spending on long term care services goes to home and community-based  services (HCBS), while 73% goes to nursing homes. 89% of Americans of 50 year and older want to stay in their homes as long as possible, and the unpaid contributions of the US’s ~34 million family caregivers are valued at over 375 billion.

I’m also working on a story that assesses the success of Healthy San Francisco so far and looks at how its principles might apply to national health care in light of the current national discussion.

And next Thursday, I’ll be reporting (maybe on camera :o) at a rally organized by the Ella Baker Center in Oakland calling for more California budget cuts in incarceration for minor offenses (they say these cuts could save 12 billion dollars over the next five years) so that cuts won’t be made in social services, education, health care, etc. (yay!).

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