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Judah’s Foresight – about the Transcontinental Railroad, again

January 7, 2011

Is it ok to use a stentorian tone when speaking in a 19th century voice?

Theodore Judah

My dearest Anne,

I could not help but smile last night,

Wrinkles creasing my cheeks that in two months’ time

Will be wracked by deadly fever,

When you showed me your painting of our noble mountains –

A good painting – or so it seemed illumined by our campfire –

The painting not noble

But made by a woman’s fine hands

With intent that goes before the work,

Not so much like a siren as a bell.

It is our destiny, my dear, to burst our sacred wilderness apart,

As that other jungle will rupture me.

Some are cursed to step before they see, weary shovels preceding shoulders,

but you and I, we have a different doom

To see where we may never tread,

Or watch the creases between mountains where we once sat

Submerged in splitting trunks and melting rock.

I wonder if nature will forget to know

To tell the trees that summer’s coming:

Oil your engines, unfurl your leaves.

I wonder if men will forget to look to the ground before them,

Or if the ground will move too fast to look.

From my last bed in Panama,

Perhaps I will wonder what I have been doing,

Sowing the sterile seeds of our undoing

Into the knowing earth.


More stats, a link, and a poem

July 7, 2009

Well, as intended, a post called “My sex statistics,” coupled with a very tempting first few lines to appear under the results for the tag “sex,” has attracted to my blog a few more wayfarin’ strangers searching the  tag “sex”. Only 4, this time, which, given the post’s tantalizing beginning, I can only attribute to the fact that the “sex” searchers are generally a small, regular group of people who have begun to learn that I cannot offer them what they seek.

Still, it seems now that something more complex than simple search results is drawing people to “My Sex Statistics.” 35 page views, my largest number so far, happened on the day I posted “My sex statistics,” with most views of that page in particular. Also for the first time people visited my “About” page. The increase in number of visitors was much larger than either chance or the four “sex”-searchers could account for. I guess it could just be a few visitors looking at many pages.

Apparently, one person also found my post by searching for “sex dreams.”

On an unrelated note, you can now read my first published NAM reporting piece (Note: I just collected the parents’ info and quotes. Someone else wrote it up; grammar and formatting is not mine.):

Also, a silly poem I wrote a few months ago, but which no one has seen and I just re-discovered on my computer:

The hem of my skirt touched the ground

and I winked at you just so, hoping that by quaintness

I could enchant your heart that beat to the rhythm of

hip hip, and I never thought to wonder why

rhythm has no vowels when

doom da dum dum dum

where would we be without vowels?

I shouldn’t have been wearing a long skirt in that club

anyway, and the way I was thinking chant came from enchant

I knew I had it all wrong.

But I can always hope.